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Event planning
Through our platform of basic services and added value, we offer an integrated portfolio for the development of fairs, events and conventions, from conception to realization. We propose and execute novel ideas according to the needs of the client.

Lease of spaces
We are a world-class center, effective in generating contacts, transferring knowledge and promoting academic, governmental and corporate activities, among others. We take care of the client’s experience, with the objective that the events become a unique activity, as well as a loyalty tool.

Operation of fairs

As a professional organizer of fairs in Chile, we design innovative concepts that, based on our experience in the market and our commitment to clients, allow us to satisfy the
needs of access to knowledge, innovation and communication, generation of contacts, among others.

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  • UC Extensions Center
  • eventosuc@uc.cl
  • Alameda 390, 3rd floor, Santiago de Chile.


En alianza con Almacén UC, ofrecemos una completa asesoría en el ámbito del diseño y branding.
Para aquellos que buscan reforzar su identidad, contamos con una línea de merchandinsing que pueden ofrecer en cada uno de sus encuentros.
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