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Alameda Extension Center has twenty heated spaces, all with adequate furniture for carrying out activities and technical equipment of international standard.


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A complete range of audiovisual services and consultancies. We have the best options in technology: amplification equipment, projectors and LED screens, microphones, simultaneous translation, streaming, video conference and others.



We understand that technology and global links are part of the most common activities in mass events, that’s why we have an excellent Wi-Fi signal, with high speed navigation and dedicated networks.

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Location and environment

  • Alameda 390, Santiago de Chile

Location and environment

UC Extension Center is located in the center of Santiago, one block from Universidad Católica metro station, in front of Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center and steps from the Lastarria neighborhood, a tourist area with a wide variety of restaurants and coffee shops, bookstores, boutiques, museums and art galleries.
A few minutes away is also the civic center of the city of Santiago, where you can visit the National Library, Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral of Santiago and La Moneda Palace, among other sites of cultural and heritage interest.

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How to get there?

From Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez Airport (SCL)

  • Access to Costanera Norte east from Armando Cortinez. Continue along Costanera Norte Freeway and exit towards Cardenal José María Caro in Santiago. Go around Ismael Valdés Vergara and take San Antonio towards Libertador Bernardo O’higgins Avenue. To park on Lira 21, exit at Diagonal Paraguay and turn left onto Lira.

  • There are private transfer companies at the airport. Other options are the official transport Centropuerto or a bus Turbus Aeropuerto, both end their journey in Central Station, from where you should take Line 1 of the subway to Universidad Católica station.

From the eastern area of Santiago

  • From Presidente Kennedy avenue. Take Costanera Norte towards Los Conquistadores in Providencia. Take exit 13 toward Bellavista. Turn left onto Calle del Arzobispo. Take Providencia avenue towards Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins avenue in Santiago.

  • From Vitacura, take Transantiago bus C07 to PC105-Stop 1/(M) Manquehue. Change onto the subway at Manquehue station (Line 1 to the west) to Universidad Católica station.

From downtown of Santiago

  • From La Moneda Palace, head west on Moneda to Teatinos. Turn left on Teatinos. Turn left on Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins avenue. To park on Lira 21, exit at Diagonal Paraguay and turn left onto Lira.

  • From La Moneda Palace, walk to Moneda subway station and take Line 1 east to Universidad Católica station.

Alameda Extension Center History

The UC Alameda Extension Center is next to the main building of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Until 1988 it was the headquarter of the Luis Campino Humanities Institute and, since it opened its doors in 1989, has become one of the most complete and active multidisciplinary spaces in Santiago. With a total area of ten thousand square meters, the neoclassical building is one of the most beloved and remembered architectural landmarks of the city, as well as an example of conservation that combines harmony, tradition and functionality.

The UC Extension Center is visited by one million people annually. It develops, among others, continuous education activities, business and government meetings, cultural exhibitions and social events.

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  • UC Extensions Center
  • Alameda 390, 3rd floor, Santiago de Chile.


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