Mission and view

UC Extension Center


Our commitment with clients is to provide spaces, technology and services of an international standard to accomplish successful events that facilitate the exchange of experiences between people, companies and institutions.


To be the leading organization in the management and operation of congresses, fairs, seminars and events in Chile, with recognition and international prestige.
As a University, we provide facilities for events related to the sphere of education, health, science and technology.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience, aiming to provide excellent services. Our personalized, friendly and adaptable service seeks to satisfy the most demanding clients.
We are proud professionals in each of the tasks that we develop. We have a deep knowledge of event organization and want to convey to our clients how to achieve a good performance.

Nuestro equipo

Alejandra Carrazana Director (56 2) 2354 6505

Nuestro equipo

Rita Cruz Event coordinator (56 2) 2354 6504

Nuestro equipo

Carolina Fuentes Event coordinator (56 2) 2354 6521

Nuestro equipo

Soledad Estivill Administrative assistant (56 2) 2354 6526

Contact us


  • UC Extension Center
  • (56 2) 2354 6521
  • Alameda 390, 4th floor, Santiago de Chile.


En alianza con Almacén UC, ofrecemos una completa asesoría en el ámbito del diseño y branding.
Para aquellos que buscan reforzar su identidad, contamos con una línea de merchandinsing que pueden ofrecer en cada uno de sus encuentros.
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