Spaces for companies in fairs

Why you should do or participate in a fair with us?

Fairs are excellent opportunities to promote and consolidate your brand, show your products and interact with potential customers, competitors and new business contacts. Fairs also provide the possibility of making better decisions – whatever the role of the participant in the event – after knowing the trends, seeing the highest qualitystandards worldwide, sharing information and points of view.

The fairs held at the UC Extension Center seek to generate specialized meeting points and have the support of an institution with extensive experience and prestige, such as Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Precisely for that reason, the subjects exhibited are usually related to some of the many aspects and contents developed in the UC, and associated to exhibitors of character and high value in their specific areas or industries.

On the other hand, in addition to a privileged location – with easy access and transport – our fairs are leaders because they have the special characteristic of having a captive target audience that includes academics, high-end professionals and students.

The UC Extension Center also holds fairs with strategic partners within Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Some of those that will be realized in the next time are:


“A meeting place for seniors, professionals and companies that seeks to promote the wellbeing, development and integral and sustainable growth of older adults in Chile through specialized activities, products and services”.


“An exchange of experiences among managers, teachers and specialists in education, on the latest trends and innovations in management, leadership and education in Chile and Latin America”.

STAND IN A FAIR  If you get a space in our fairs, your company will have an infrastructure with a 6m2 stand, Light Truss structure, identifying border, two LED spotlights, spandex fabric, a table, three chairs, a dumpster and a plug.

SPONSOR A FAIR If your company decides to be part of the sponsors in our fairs, it will have:

  • A stand of 12 m2 (or equivalent space).
  • Presence of the brand in a virtual invitation that is sent via email (marketing campaign).
  • Installation of a banner in the area of the fair (at the sponsor’s expense)
  • A room for a technical talk (produced by the sponsor).


Contact us


  • UC Extensions Center
  • Alameda 390, 3rd floor, Santiago de Chile.


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